RFI West Fitness

The RFI West fitness center is coming soon. Launched in January 2014 we should have a massive resource for exercise and fitness built here including information on diet and training regimes. We will also aim to have detailed sections on exercise equipment and the benefits of using them. For the time being however, this chap Mikeal Robertio seems to know quite a bit about the various machines currentlly available in his exercise bikes, treadmills, rowing machines and elliptical machine reviews sections. We also aim to tackle in the near future some of the most asked question surrounding food, nutrition and muscle building, so stay tuned.

News week 1

Hey guys, this is our first official news post on the blog. We have got some exciting things happening with the site. We are compiling a exercise list along with videos and guides on the correct movements. These should be up as soon as we have them completed.


We also just completed a 10k run event where a group of us from RFI west competed. The loser gets to make tea and coffee for the rest of us all week, so it was a plus point in my week that I din't lose. I came 43rd overall in a 200 or so strong field, so not too bad. Could do with improving upon my 39 minute time though.

News week 2

Not much happened this week. We have started writing some more guides for several of the more popular diets currently used around the world. More on that later.


We have been testing various training equipment at a local gym and highlighting various areas where they can be improved in both design and difficulty.


News week 3

Great news this week. Today we got the necessary funding required to really go at this project full time. Hopefully we will be bringing in some full time personal trainers into the office space for video recordings that help people understand the movements involved and the correct form to use when training.


While each user is working towards different goals, we aim to have a detailed resource area that helps users reach the level they set out to reach when first starting their exercise regime. We will do this through various teaching models through various media such as video, imagery and of course tutorials.


We will also have a local class setting set up in the San diego area for complete beginners to get in shape. It is the first step that tends to be the hardest for most, so we just want to give people that little push in the right direction in our hometown. More details on this soon. They will be classes taken by two coaches who have a wealth of knowledge to share with individuals through years of training and conditioning.